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Power Stop Track Day Warranty Policy

Power Stop Track Day products are intended for use at Track Day and High Performance Driving Events (HPDE). Due to the nature of their intended use Power Stop cannot warranty Track day products for any reason outside of manufacturers defects in unused/uninstalled components.

Components are not warrantied under any circumstances for pad wear, rotor wear, pad noise, or level of pad dust experienced with use.

Power Stop Track Day brake kits and their components have not been evaluated for race use. It is up to the driver/user to evaluate Power Stop Track Day products for themselves in regards to performance under racing conditions for their own use. Racing/motorsports are inherently dangerous and the driver/user explicitly assumes any and all risks associated with use of any Power Stop Track Day product.

Power Stop includes a break-in procedure on the box of all Track Day brake pads, if the venue of use does not allow for this procedure to be followed prior to use it is up to the judgment of the driver/user to break-in and to assess braking performance.